Elizabeta from Elizabetify


I am Elizabeta, the founder and creative director of Elizabetify—a boutique presentation design agency.

You’re forced to sit through yet another boring presentation where nothing seems to make sense and the presenter just keeps rambling on too often. Over the years we’ve seen lot’s of executives who didn’t want or couldn’t address their audience’s needs. They would bore them to death with their terrible, busy slides, ridden with bullet points, and uninspiring delivery.

It doesn’t have to be so. 

Just imagine how much competitive advantage you’d have if you did something different, like having persuasive and polished slides.

We help companies and individuals make their mark and inspire their audience by designing creative, persuasive and professional presentations.

Our clients spend more time selling and less time building slides.

Want more ROI? Invest in a presentation that the stakeholders will actually understand.


What's in a name...

The name “Elizabetify” came from a dear client of ours, who loves our work so much that whenever she needs a presentation done she would just say “Can you please elizabetify this?” It was so on point and distinguishable that it stuck 🙂 Today we are proud to be so good at what we do, that we even got a new verb in our vocabulary as well as a business name 🙂


Let's rid the world of ugly slides.

The corporate world has been suffering from “Death by PowerPoint” for years. People usually think this is how it’s always been, and forever will be, and they even go so far as to “ban” PowerPoint altogether. Luckily, there is another way of doing things. Contact us and see the magic unfold!