sales presentation


Jatheon approached us with an idea to re-invent their sales presentation completely. Their old presentation was worn out, without any flow or narrative, with poor, unprofessional visuals, that didn’t tell their story and were not relevant to the context. 


First we built a bespoke corporate PowerPoint template which they could use time and time again after they have given this presentation. We like to think of it as an added bonus and benefit to our clients. Jatheon wanted us to be a pair of fresh eyes, as their old sales presentation didn’t perform the way it was supposed to. After doing the research, we came up with the narrative, wrote the copy, and designed their slides in line with their corporate branding. 

Given that their target audience were people working with data, it was crucial to point out the risk of not having data archiving solution in their companies. We approached this by researching and visualizing some cold, hard facts as we wanted to bring up the risks of not implementing a data archiving solution.

This slide illustrates the current solutions for data archiving and what they are offering. It is showing Jatheon’s competitive advantage. 

Jatheon later did a brand refresh later, so we updated their sales presentation accordingly. 


We received probably the best testimonial ever by their Head of Marketing when she said: This doesn’t look like PowerPoint at all! 🙂

Jatheon went on to show the demo and give their presentation to a number of companies in need of a data archiving solution and their sales were increased by 12%.

Do you want results like this for your business?

Don’t waste your time and money by presenting poorly design slides with no flow and no story. Contact us today and let’s get the ball rolling!