Presentation services you'll love.

You might only get that one chance—make it count.

Presentations are often the first and the most important face of your business. We at elizabetify are determined to make it count. What we offer is a variety of graphic design and copywriting services to make your presentation shine, be professional, effective and persuasive. We are winners, and we want to help you win, too.


How we do it

Below you can see a summary of our process and services. Each presentation is unique, but what makes our presentations so successful is our proven and tested process of making them professional, clean and persuasive. 


Whether it is a brand new presentation you want to have created from scratch, or just a tired deck of slides you’ve been using for a long time, we will help you condense the text, get rid of the bullet points and make every piece of information snackable. Your audience will thank you.


Your presentation will get the look and feel your brand deserves. Following the latest graphic design trends and best practices, our designers will design your presentation to make it worthy of your audience’s time and attention. You might only get one shot at showing it, so we’ll help you make it count.


We are in this together, and we leave nothing to chance. When the big day comes, you will be fully prepared to do your magic, with a gorgeous deck of slides behind your back, armored with the best public speaking and presenting tips and tricks we will also share with you. 



These are our top of the line presentation design services. Do you have a presentation problem? We’ve got the solution. Custom designs, effective templates, stories that sell. We are going to help spread your idea and make the change your desire.

Presentation Storytelling

We always start working on your presentation with the outcome in mind. The right message is the basis of a successful presentation. Your story will be clear and persuasive, without any fluff and unnecessary information.

Our solutions:

  • Story Development
  • Presentation Flow
  • Presentation Copywriting

Presentation Design

We will help you make your mark and your brand professional by designing impactful and persuasive presentations. Your slides will no longer be plagued with bullet points and clip art which does more harm than good.

Our solutions:

  • Sales Presentations
  • Pitch Decks
  • Investor Decks
  • Marketing Presentations
  • Infographic Presentations
  • Conference Presentations

Powerpoint Templates

Brands invest so much time and money into having their guidelines developed, but there’s often one thing they forget: their corporate PowerPoint template. It should be functional and easy to use, and not just look good. 

Our solutions:

  • Fully developed PowerPoint Template
  • Customized, editable, easy to use
  • Info Sheet 
  • Slide Library
  • Slide Assets (icons, pictures, shapes)